raincrystal - my online earning adventure
There are a few paid to read sites that I'm active on at the moment. You can earn from these sites too, but not as fast or as much as PTCs or Affiliate Programs. Nonetheless, I enjoy these sites.


I have read around that this is a good site, so I gave it a shot. I don't get a lot of mails on a daily basis, but to date have accumulated at least a dollar. It's a low maintenance site, you can visit once a day.

MatrixMails - Get paid


I just recently joined this site. A fellow surfer has received payment from this site, so I decided to give it a shot. I discovered that I could also exchange points for advertising packages for my programs.


Coffee Club Emails

I love the name of this. My fascination for coffee prompted me to join this site. I'm still exploring the site, but it does have a number of ways by which members can earn cash and points.



I almost forgot I also have this site! I believe this site is more ideal for those who reside in the US. I don't get as many ads, but I did join 'coz of the $10 sign-up bonus.

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